Well hey there!! Yes I know... SHE LIVES?!?!

I've finally left my second job which pretty much took up all of my time, I lost total touch with my friends and am now looking to reclaim both my social life and the fandoms I have so sadly neglected.
I have noticed that most of the communities I was a member of have folded, it seems that interest seems to have dwindled since I first started which is sad, but it seems to get more difficult to run a subbing community these days.

Plus I have some excellent news of a very personal level. My dreams are a whisper away from coming true, after 4 years of applying I am on the waitlist for a job at Walt Disney World Florida, as a Cultural Representative which is something I have wanted to do since I started going in 1996. So as such I am going to use this page as a way of venting whether or not anyone ever sees this doesn't matter but as I have already annoyed everyone in earshot, I thought I'd branch out to a wider audience (one whose power of stopping me venting mid stream is significantly reduced!).

So I'll add some pretty pictures to this once I get home but


Ok this is now the end of my silent journal >.< Yaaaay!
Soooo... first entry should be something memorable...

Memorable enough for ya ;) 

Ok so enough about that and more about the author ;P
I live in rainy old England, and I'm a Disney mad, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts nerd, Trekkie (and damn proud), Gilmore Girls addict. Toma fan, Arashi lover and An Cafe (Nyappy!), oh and recent J Drama addict.
On top of that I listen to all kinds of music, did performing arts for 7 years of my life, and I  have a passion for making my own clothes, handbags and jewellery. I ride a Motorbike, and my hair goes past my bum :D (giving me the oh so obvious nickname of Rapunzel and the less obvious one of Hyper Happy Hippo.... we don't even know!)
My goal in life is to get out of the UK and to work in Walt Disney World Florida... (which my family has visited since I was 3) beyond that I have no idea! 
I found LJ though fandom, and the magical http://toma-room.livejournal.com/ delivered, from that day on I had an LJ account :O
I don't yet know what I'm gonna fill this with, maybe my ramblings, writing or maybe just my creations... Only time will tell...

So anyone who has actually read this... Thanks for listening ;) 
Speedy :P


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